Thanks for Joining Us in KC!

Welcome to the official site for ALADN 2014: Fountains of Philanthropy. Many thanks to all who joined us in Kansas City, where hopefully you learned, connected and were inspired by academic library colleagues and leaders from all over the world.

Presentations are now up! Just go to the Presentations tab.

ALADN 2014 was co-hosted by:

University of Kansas
Kansas State University
University of Missouri-Kansas City
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

“So much information, so little time!”

“Amazing! A wonderful resource.”

“It was a pleasure meeting library colleagues so willing to share their experiences.”


“Walked away with my brain just swimming with ideas.”

“Such a great chance to meet new people and learn!”

“Very impressed with ALADN, it was a true treat to be able to attend.”

“Great content!”

“Excellent and though-provoking.”

“Taking away a lot of good ideas, even after 20 years of fundraising!”


— 2013 ALADN attendees