Please click the links below to download and print the ALADN 2014: Fountains of Philanthropy schedules, and scroll down the page for contact information.

2014 ALADN Pre-conference Schedule [May 17 & 18]
2014 ALADN Conference Schedule [May 18 – 21]
Full 2014 ALADN Pre-conference & Conference Schedule [May 17 – 21]

ALADN 2014 Program Book

For more information on the keynote speakers, and one of our sponsors, Gale Cengage, who moderated a breakfast panel on Monday, May 19, click on the pictures or logos on the Speakers page.

Questions on the May 17 and 18 pre-conference schedule? Contact Darchelle Martin, the 2014 Pre-conference Chair.

Darchelle Martin
Kansas State University

Questions on the May 18-21 conference schedule? Contact Joan Barnes, the 2014 Program Chair.

Joan Barnes
University of Nebraska-Lincoln